Walt Bolton Presents:

The Central Oregon Diving Connection

I’m Walt Bolton aka The Diving Enthusiast LLC who is dedicated to advanced Scuba training, promoting diving in some of the world’s cleanest lakes, and exotic dive travel and training adventures. I have been a lifelong dedicated teacher, so let me share with you and introduce you to diving in Oregon’s Waldo Lake or Crater Lake (National Park) or join Pat and me in a travel training adventure to Roatán, Honduras (or other exotic dive opportunity).

Diving is a social event, come on in and visit! Let’s have some fun! My instructional philosophy is very simple: My goal is to train safe divers who are competent and confident enough to make safe diving decisions for themselves. If it isn’t safe, exciting, and fun, why do it? If you are not yet a certified diver and you are interested or curious about training, I have the independence and flexibility to fit your schedule. I welcome your questions! Send me an eMail!

Diving in Tubbataha, Philippines.

Pat (my wife) and I have a very simple philosophy about dive travel — We won’t waste your investment! So far we have never led a group to a destination we have not checked out first! We look for safety, quality, and value — Then if it checks out, we offer it to you! We negotiate for the best possible pricing, pass that on to you, and take care of all the details and arrangements. We are both retired, so we don’t have to make a living at this, we just have to have fun!

If you are interested in training, get in touch with me. We’ll talk about possibilities for you. Trust the Force. If you are curious about Central Oregon dives and diving in general, check out the Events and or Why Dive Locally section then get in touch with me, and perhaps we can do a couple of discovery dives! Email me at wbolton@codiving.com.