Flying After Diving

This is a brief synopsis of the latest recommendations PADI has made about flying after diving:

For Dives within the No-Decompression Limits

  • Single Dives. A minimum preflight surface interval of 12 hours is suggested.
  • Repetitive Dives and/or multiday Dives. A minimum preflight surface interval of 18 hours is suggested.

For Dives requiring Decompression Stops

  • A minimum preflight surface interval greater than 18 hours is suggested.

Flying after diving recommendations need not be considered for flights to ambient/cabin pressures less than 600 meters/2000 feet.

These times are more conservative than PADI’s old recommendations. If you want more detail about the research and study which produced these recommendations they can be found in The Undersea Journal PADI’s professional journal, First Quarter 2003 p. 65. One might also find the same information on PADI’s web site.

Never Hold Your Breath,