Scuba Review and Buoyancy

For Traveling Divers!

Add to your confidence and safety! This single session course is designed to give you a chance to get used to diving again with some “Value Added” buoyancy training.

                                                             What You Receive

To get you started, you may use either your Open Water Diver Manual or the Scuba Tune Up manual to help you get thinking about diving theory. If you have used the Open Water manual you may take either the 4 quizzes or the final from the Open Water course to check your knowledge. If you use the Scuba Tune Up manual, there is no need for either the quizzes or the exam. After this review your instructor will address any questions that may have come up or any questions you may have about anything “diving.” (If it is me, I become your “SCUBA Slave” for the session!)

                                                            Scuba Buoyancy Testing

    1. Your instructor will help you get set up with rental gear if you don’t have your own, or they will do a quick inspection of your equipment and make suggestions if it hasn’t been serviced or used for a while.
    2. During the in-water session your instructor will take you through the equipment assembly procedures if you are feeling a little rusty with it.
    3. Once in the water, your instructor will take you through the 19 basic skills you covered in your Open Water course and they will coach you and make suggestions along the way.
    4. When you have gotten through the skill review, I like to focus on buoyancy skill development. The evolution of this focus as part of the review has come from student feedback and interest. Believe me, most students are amazed at what they can learn in such a controlled coaching environment. I have had people begin the evening swearing that they had to have 15 lbs at least to get down and by the end of the session, they are experiencing neutral buoyancy with 0 lbs! They were transformed!
    5. Your local dive shop can set up a scheduled time for you to work with one of their instructors.


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