Support Your Local Dive Shop

Save Money and Dive Safely

The best deal in diving is an active and thriving local dive store. Dive stores are the driving force and center of activity for our sport and if they are not supported, they go away. When that happens, a diver¹s easy access to good advice and training, equipment, supplies, air, dive travel, and camaraderie becomes limited and, perhaps, even disappears.

Everyone wants good dive prices, but like so many other things, price is only part of a “good deal.” Making sure that your local dive store is doing well keeps the supply and communication lines open and ensures that the right environment exists so you can easily continue to enjoy the adventures and challenges that recreational diving offers (Dive Training, Nov. 2004).

It is always interesting to me to run into divers who have driven for 2 or 3 hours or gone mail order to purchase a piece of gear that they could have purchased locally and then discover that they need a some service to make that gear work perfectly. Had they shopped locally, they would have that service at their fingertips and in most cases for free! What I have seen several times is that the perceived “savings” they thought they were getting evaporate the first time they need some service. (Of course they never count the miles they drive or the shipping they have paid — never mind the fact that they have NO warranty!)

Why shop at a local dive shop?

  • Remember, most dive equipment is superbly engineered to last a lifetime. For this reason, most dive equipment comes with wonderful warranties that often include free service replacement parts for the life of the piece of equipment. These warranties are only valid through authorized dealers. Would you purchase a brand new automobile at a bargain price and give up its warranty? Think about it. Like my daddy used to tell me, “There is no free lunch.” Believe me, one usually winds up paying.
  • Another interesting statistic I have heard: “Every dollar spent at a local small business generates 300% more business in the local economy than a purchase outside the locality. The reason is that Walmart or a mail order outfit does not use local accountants, electricians, gas stations, or any other local services or products. They sell their product here and take the revenue generated by those sales back to their corporate headquarters where they purchase their services and products.
  • A local dive shop offers you the opportunity to consult with some very experienced people in the field. Take a look at the Bios of shop employees. These folks have spent considerable time underwater. Ask them about their technical training levels for the equipment they sell! Their insights may save you hassles down the road! Also, don¹t hesitate to email me if you have questions about some products, new or used. Please remember, I do tend to be opinionated and blunt. (Walt’s Bio)

When you go into the CENTRAL OREGON DIVING LLC shop, mention this website! I appreciate people hearing about the use of this information. (Look, I have a reputation of being up front and straight forward so I am asking you to mention MY website.)