Walt Bolton

Walt Bolton Biography

waltprofileI am a P.A.D.I. Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT #178355). I hate to reveal my age, but I began diving here in Central Oregon in 1961! I was a kid enthralled with Sea Hunt who loved the water, so I read everything I could about diving, purchased my equipment, and trained myself. I dived for years locally and slowly my diving radius expanded until I began to run into shops that wouldn’t sell me air without some formal certification. By that time I was at the University of Oregon, so I signed up for their PE class in Basic Scuba. The course was taught by the three meter diving coach who never got in the water with us! (I guess if you can teach three meter board diving, you can teach SCUBA diving.) I didn’t mind because I had been diving for six years and I just needed an air card!

Nearing the end of a wonderful high school teaching career, I decided to continue my passion for teaching by becoming a SCUBA instructor so here I am! As an independent/affiliated P.A.D.I. instructor, I made a connection with a small family owned dive operation in Roatán, Honduras where I annually spend some time as an instructor, divemaster, and equipment technician. After instructing as an independent through the local dive shop in Bend, Oregon, my first Divemaster, his wife. and I decided to buy out the “old” shop and open our own, thus Central Oregon Diving LLC came into existence in 2005. In February of 2013, I sold my half of the shop to Mike and Liz which has allowed Pat and me to focus on dive travel adventures!

My time is extremely flexible, so I have been able to accommodate almost every schedule presented to me, and I can travel to wherever the student wants to learn. I am still very connected with the pristine clarity of our unique high altitude lakes here in Oregon, especially Waldo Lake and Crater Lake (National Park). To be at fifty feet and be able to see the tops of fir trees above the surface is a real treat for underwater photographers — it makes for some unusual backgrounds! Visit the descriptions of different local dive sites for a greater variety.

A single statement from the description of the Oxford Clerk in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales best describes my educational philosophy: “He would gladly learn and gladly teach.” And two statements sum up my philosophy of life: Life is not a dress rehearsal, and enthusiasm is the only virtue! Let’s go diving and have some fun!