Why Dive Locally?

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The first time someone asked me why I dive locally, I had to stop and actually think for an answer. To me, I thought it was obvious — I enjoy it! I now perceive there are four good reasons to dive locally.

  1. Diving requires practice and training to do well and safely! Every time I dive, my skill level goes up — I learn something new. If one only dives on vacation to some exotic site, they might only get to dive once a year or in some cases every couple of years or more. This suggests that even though one may have logged 20 dives they occurred quite some time ago and one¹s skills have not been expanded or practiced since. (Believe me, I especially see this in Roatan.) What kind of golfer or skier would only golf or ski when on vacation? Are they the ones who actually spend most of their vacations in the club house or lodge? If you were going to take a climbing or hiking vacation to Tibet, wouldn¹t you practice first by climbing and hiking locally? I would think that practice would make the vacation more pleasurable besides being fun in itself.
  2. Local diving is cost effective. People talk about diving being expensive — travel is expensive. On a typical dive vacation, one may spend 70% on travel, 20 % on accommodations and food and 10% on diving. It costs less to equip oneself (including a dry suit), and dive locally than it does to make one average dive trip somewhere and rent your gear — besides, you get to keep all of your equipment after every dive and go diving next weekend too!.
  3. I like to dive locally because it is fun, exciting, and relaxing. The pleasure lies in seeing and experiencing new adventures. To see the lavenders and purples of the spectrum at 80 feet in Crater Lake is inspirational. The fun of sharing a common interest and excitement with some friends or buddies is a healthy way to socialize. It seems as if divers are a special group of generous people who enjoy company. There is no other sport which allows one feel so weightless and free within a three dimensional environment, Diving is the sport of NOW. When diving, there is no future or past — one is totally in the moment — there is no cell phone, engine noise, or pollution.
  4. I have more senses than just sight. Someone asked me what there is to “see” in some of our pristine lakes. Believe me, there has to be more to diving than just “seeing” to make it worth my time. When I am working in Roatan as a Divemaster, if I was dependent upon just my sight to keep me interested, even the complexity of the reef would get boring. There are so many sensations and ideas to be explored, and diving is the perfect medium for me. Every dive is a meditation.

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