World Class Altitude Diving

The following sites are phenomenal altitude diving sites! If identified as oligotrophic (nutrient free), you can expect wonderful visibility. Several of these lakes have restrictions on motor boats, so they tend to be diver friendly.

  • Waldo LakeScuba diver
  • Clear Lake
  • Crater Lake
  • Cultus Lake
  • Odell Lake



Altitude Diving:

Please remember that regular dive tables and computers do not work correctly without adjustment for all altitudes above 1000¹. Please only dive if you understand how to plan and execute altitude dives safely and properly. In most cases you will be a long way from medical assistance and hyperbaric treatment. (Portland, Oregon) I offer an Altitude Diver Specialty Course and the chapter in the PADI Adventurs in Diving Manual on ³Altitude Diver² offers an explaination. Be Safe!