The Central Oregon Diving Connection

The Central Oregon Diving Connection

Walt & PAT Bolton Present: Central Oregon DiVE TRAVEL LLC

Diving in Tubbataha, Philippines.

  Hi, we’re Walt and Pat Bolton of Central Oregon Dive Travel LLC, and we used to own half of our local dive shop in Bend, Oregon! Since selling our half of the dive shop, we have now dedicated ourselves to what we call exotic “Adventure Dive Travel!” We have both been lifelong dedicated teachers and we continue that tradition into our travel adventures! Since we live on the Pacific Coast, we specialize in dive travel to S.E. Asia and the South Pacific. We still organize and lead our annual trip to Roatán, Honduras as an easy, economical adventure! 


  We consider diving a social event, so we go out of our way to create adventures that include everyone! We welcome new divers, old divers, nervous divers, experienced and inexperienced! We are blown away by how everyone interacts on our trips! There is no segregation – our experienced divers welcome rookies and share thoughtful guidance. We are inclusive! Our two criteria are that our trips must offer fun and safety! We go out of our way to accommodate everyone! Our goal is to provide safe diving adventures with opportunities for all of our travelers to improve their diving skills. If it isn’t safe, exciting, and fun, why do it? If you are not yet a certified diver and you are interested or curious about training, I welcome your questions and I will share thoughtful suggestions to you either about local or remote training! Send me an eMail! By the way, we have hosted a “Potluck and Barbecue” for our travelers every year since 2010! We’re into FUN!


  We have a very simple philosophy about dive travel: We won’t waste your investment! So far we have never led a group to a destination we have not checked out first! We look for safety, quality, and value.  Then if it checks out, we offer it to you! We negotiate for the best possible pricing, pass that on to you, and take care of all the details and arrangements. We are both retired, so we don’t have to make a living at this, we just have to have fun! We emphasize that our travelers allow us to address all problems. It is not our vacation – it is our job! We work for you!

NOW, we refer to our trips as “Adventures.” We specialize in remote, small, exclusive pristine diving opportunities in very remote “logistical nightmares!” In a couple of instances, we have been the first American groups these resorts have ever hosted! (Our requirements: Safe dive practices, World class diving, Air Conditioning, Reasonably reliable power, Adequate food, and Reasonable accommodations.) 

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